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The real James Bond was a world-renowned 1-4Bond Bubble gum cardornithologist and author whose fame was totally eclipsed by 007.

As I write in The Real James Bond, it must have been particularly galling for the lifelong Philadelphian to learn that the Philadelphia Chewing Gum Corp. was selling packs of James Bond trading cards featuring his namesake.

Last I checked, a five-cent pack from 1965 was listed on eBay for $287.

I have seen the wrapper alone sell for $99 on eBay.

I grew up in Havertown, where the chewing gum company was based. I can still remember what the air smelled like when I was near.'

The company also made Swell bubble gum, El Bubble Gum cigars, Cry Baby extra sour bubble gum, Gold Rocks Nugget Bubble Gum and Joe Blo giant size bubble gum.

I wish I'd bought at a case of James Bond card packs back then.

The site of the chewing-gum factory is now home to a YMCA.

If you have any memories of the old Havertown chewing-gum factory, email me at 1realjamesbond@gmail.com.


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