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'Licensed to Thrill' Article on U.K. Newsstands

Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 11.02.24 AMI wrote an article on the birds of 007 -- all the glorious birds in Ian Fleming's fiction and what they signified -- for the British magazine Bird Watching, and it's now on sale over there.

Bird Waching Magazine CoverThe birds include the glorious Red-billed Streamertail of the short story "For Your Eyes Only" and the mischievous Kling-klings of  Fleming's last 007 novel, The Man With the Golden Gun.

(I saw several Kling-klings at Goldeneye while I was researching the book.)

The six-page article also delves into the connection between the real and fictional James Bonds as well as the two Fleming femme fatales named for birds.

Photography includes images taken by Kevin Watson and Jamaican bird expert Ricardo Miller of Arrowhead Birding Tours.

The Bird Watching magazine designers did a stunning job. If you're over that way, be sure to buy a copy.

I hope to write about Streamertails and Kling-klings in future posts.


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