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A List of What Bond Collected for Science

Bond bee hummingbird label DSCN9807
The best resource for learning more about all the birds, fish, insects and eggs that James Bond collected for science can be found on the VertNet website here.

The list is extensive but not exhaustive. It provides a when and where for Bond's scientific contributions -- as well as where they are located today.

Each has become something of a time capsule available to researchers. I explain why in my new book.

The label above is from a Bee Hummingbird -- smallest bird in the world -- that Bond collected on Cuba's Isle of Pines in 1931.

The island is seventh-largest in the West Indies. Fidel Castro, who was imprisoned on the island in the arly 1950s,  changed its name to the Isle of Youth in the late 1970s when he built an ill-fated school there.

According to The Guardian newspaper:

"In 1978, Fidel Castro turned the island into a grand communist university for students from around the world.

"Today those young pupils are long gone and many of the buildings lie abandoned amid the seemingly limitless forests of pine, mango and citrus, or have been converted into community housing.

"This sense of abandonment extends beyond the erstwhile university project, though."



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