Assessing the Impact of Bond's Bird Research
A List of What Bond Collected for Science

A Real James Bond Bibliography

James Bond ANSP Archives Coll. 457
During my research, I met Gerhard Aubrecht, a researcher from Austria who was compiling a bibliography of all of James Bond's writings.

The bibliography is now available free online.

Here's the abstract:

James Bond (1900–1989), an ornithologist at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (ANSP), authored 150 publications dealing with the ornithology of the West Indies and the Americas....

Between 1927 and 1977 he scientifically described 63 bird taxa, the types of which are located at ANSP and United States National Museum of Natural History (USNM).

All his publications and type specimens are listed in this first James Bond bibliography.

You can read it (and possibly download) it here. (Thanks, Gerhard!)


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