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A Real James Bond Bibliography

Assessing the Impact of Bond's Bird Research

1941 JB at academy file 027
For a chapter in the book on James Bond's legacy, I wanted to gauge how influential his ornithological writings were.

I came across "James Bond and citations to his books,"  a 2004 paper by Dr. Grant Lewison that was very helpful -- as was Dr. Lewison himself.

He assessed the impact of the various editions of Bond’s Birds of the West Indies using bibliometrics, a statistical analysis of books, articles and scientific papers.

As D5r. Lewison pointed out, it’s difficult to assess the value of a book on birds because its readership and citations depend to a large extent on its geographical coverage -- a field guide to the birds of North America, for instance, will have a larger impact than one about the Caribbean. 

Factoring in those variables, Lewiston concluded that “Birds of the West Indies has proven to be of enduring scientific interest and to have established its author as an ornithologist of distinction.”

The paper is not available to the public online, but if you email him here, he will be happy to send you a .pdf of the paper. (Thanks, Grant!)

Tomorrow: Where to view an ornithological bibliography of James Bond.

(Above photo courtesy the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University.)



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