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The 'Real James Bond' Board Game

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One of the themes of "The Real James Bond" is the similarities between spies and naturalists.

As one chapter points out, at least seven of Bond's contemporaries worked for the Office of Strategic Services (forerunner of the CIA) or U.S. Army intelligence during World War II.

So I was curious when an old 007 board game came up for sale on Etsy. I bit, and I bought.

Although the game was no longer playable, I found it striking how many of the settings in the game worked well for spying on birds as well as secret agents.

Here are the locales:

1. Sewer.

2. Fishing boat. (Perfect.)

3. Garage.

4. Deserted mine. (Canary?)

5. Mountain cabin. (Absolutely.)

6. Cemetery ('nuff said.)

7. Casino.

8. Warehouse. (Pigeons, house sparrows, barn owls.)

9. There is no No.9. Perhaps that's the biggest mystery of all.

10. Factory.

11. Subway station.

12. Back alley.

Five out of 11 -- not bad.



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