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When Aussies Embraced the real Bond and 007

Collecting the Real James Bond's Books

IMG_0008In advance of my talk this Saturday at the virtual Cape May Spring Festival, I am re-posting one of my favorite posts each day this week, plus a couple of new posts -- like this one.

A great acquaintance recently directed me to some pretty cool James Bond collector groups on Facebook.

One of my favorites is James Bond Collectable Books Worldwide, Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 1.15.38 PMwhich has a wonderful array of collectors  -- some with extraordinary collections of 007 books.

I am now trying to see how many folks (besides me) collect the various incarnations of "Birds of the West Indies."

Below is most of my collection, which includes "Birds of the West Indies" by as many authors as I could find, plus Mary Wickham Bond's memoirs. Some are a bit worn, but I've grown attached.

I used a lot them to research  my book, which has a whole chapter on "Birds of the West Indies."

I already need to expand that chapter.

My favorites are the ground-breaking 1936 and 1947 editions of James Bond's work.

Friday: When Aussie birders embraced Bond.

James Bond's backyard bird list?
You can read more about the festival and my talk (about "The Real James Bond") here.



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