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Watch the Trailer for 'The Real James Bond'

"James Bond, G.I. Joe, Monsters and Star Wars"

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I came across a most interesting review of "The Real James Bond" on the web over the weekend.

I had always thought the book would especially appeal to birders, Bonders, book collectors and a combination of the three, but Bryce McClain's Collectors' Corner saw another audience -- the folks fascinated with "Star Wars" and "G.I. Joe" and other memorabilia.

Here's what he wrote (in part):

"We‘re talking about a guy (the real James Bond) who is disinherited, goes off on adventures, packs a sidearm in case of trouble and establishes himself as a world-class explorer.

"Does that sound dull?

"Add that to the fact that he and his wife kept in contact with Ian Fleming. Not only was James' name used but many of the locations and influences for the Bond series of books can also be attributed to him.

"This is a fascinating book, jammed full of photos, recollections and plenty of goodies about James and his fictional namesake along with author Ian Fleming."

The review is here.

Made me want to take out my talking "Mayor Quimby" collectible from "The Simpsons" and look at it with new eyes.


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