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RJB Bird collector not birdwatcher quote
James Bond's bird listIn the course of the research for my book, I discovered that (gasp), the real James Bond was a closet bird-watcher (or he slept with one).

On one of Mary Wickham Bond's notepads for the summer of 1956, I found the list on the left. They were living on Davidson Road in Chestnut Hill, Pa., at the time.

I found it most interesting in light of quotes from James Bond in newspaper interviews which he insisted he was not a bird-watcher (see below).

I also loved some of the vernacular for for various birds back then, including "chewink" (Eastern Towhee) and "sparrow hawk" (American Kestrel).

I know that Sharp-shins were also called sparrow hawks, but there's already a Sharp-shin on the list. The list, by the way, includes some pretty neat birds.

(Not sure why some birds are crossed out.)

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