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Helping Nature in the Caribbean

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The real James Bond loved birds and the West Indies, and he was an advocate for protecting them both -- especially preaching the need to end the slaughter of rare species in the Caribbean.
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The headline above was from an article in The New York Times in the mid-1930s. Bond was a noted ornithologist with a brand-new book, "Birds of the West Indies," by then. (But contrary to the sub-headline) he had no doctoral degree ... )

The introduction to the book went into great detail about the dangers facing the birds of the West Indies -- from humankind to hurricanes.

 One of the goals of this book is to raise awareness -- and money -- to help the environment in the Caribbean. To that end, all proceeds from talks and appearances generated by this book will go to The Nature Conservancy's Caribbean initiative.

I was a trustee for The Nature Conservancy in New Menace Part 2Jersey for nine years, and I have seen first-hand the work that TNC has done in the Bahamas.

You can read more about TNC's work -- including restoring coral reefs, coasts and oceans -- in the Caribbean here.

Bond's work in the Caribbean and his efforts to protect birds and other wildlife there have been featured in other posts on this blog.


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