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Does Your Group Need a Speaker?

When things get back to normal, I'm eager to give illustrated talks about "The Real James Bond" in person again. Until then, I am doing talks via Zoom.

I can discuss such Bond-related topics as Bond's adventures in the Caribbean, his life-long summers on Mount Desert Island, Birds of the West Indies, and -- of course -- Ian Fleming and 007.

I also like to talk a bit about the real-life ornithologist spies that Bond knew.

I speak to all sorts of groups -- museums, libraries, birding clubs, museums, and more. 

The launch event for my book was at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. I was a keynote (Zoom) speaker at NJ Audubon's Cape May Spring Weekend in May.

My free Zoom talk about the real James Bond and Caribbean conservation is presently on view in the author's forum at the U.K.'s Birdfair.

I have presentations scheduled through the early summer of 2021, including a Zoom talk for two major Chicago birding groups in October and a talk in person (I hope) about Bond and his birds for the Linnean Society at the American Museum of Natural History in February.

I will speak at the Acadia Birding Festival and other Mount Desert Island venues next June.

Email me about topics and fees, and maybe we can schedule something.

Proceeds from all talks go to The Nature Conservancy's Caribbean Initiative in the real James Bond's honor.

All about 'The Real James Bond'

RealJamesBond_CVR(1)Want to learn more about The Real James Bond or order your own copy?

In the U.S., You can order a signed copy from me here.

You can order a hard-cover copy online here.  (This website helps raise money for independent bookshops.)

You can watch my short Zoom talk for the U.K.'s Birdfair here.

U.K. Birdfair-goers should be able to order a copy through WILD Sounds & Books here.

You can order a Real James Bond eBook for Kindle here

You can order a Real James Bond eBook on Apple here.

You can read my interview with BirdWatching magazine here.

You can read a nifty writeup in The Wall Street Journal here.

You can subscribe to this blog by supplying your email address under "Subscribe" in the column at right.

Sure is a lot you can do!

My Zoom Talk for Britain's Birdfair!

Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 8.01.22 AM
I am pleased to announce that I am presenting a short talk for Britain's first-ever virtual Birdfair, which runs from through Sunday, Aug. 23.

Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 8.01.43 AMMy talk, "The real James Bond and Caribbean Conservation," is one of the headliner talks for today, the first day of Authors Forums, and is available now to Birdfair registrants for three months thereafter.

The main webpage for the fair is:

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Hurricane Hummingbirds

My column for The Record today is about hummingbirds and hurricanes -- with the observations of  Victor M. Ortega-Jimenez, who did his post-doctoral research on the effects of precipitation on hummingbird flight.

(He also took the photo above at the Berkeley Flight Lab in California. Thanks, Dr. Ortega-Jimenez!)

These birds migrate from as afar away as the West Indies -- why shouldn't they be able to handle a hurricane?

You can download a .pdf of the column here:

Download TheRecord J Wright_20200820_LF02_1

You can read more about his bird-flight research here.

Exciting Wild Turducken News!

IMG_0070 (2)
As I mentioned in my High Mountain Zoom talk for The Nature Conservancy  I may have stumbled onto a major discovery.

While hiking near the summit recently, I found a huge turducken-like feather with a quarter next to it  (see image below, note quarter) -- the 25-cent coin is a well-known turducken calling card.IMG_0074

A few days later, I came across what could be the first-ever Wild Turducken egg found in the wild (see photo above, note telltale quarter).

I have been seeking these elusive birds for years, ever since Joe Koscielny spotted one at the Celery Farm -- but to no avail.

I have tried every fowl and owl call known to science, including a Wild Haggis call imported from Scotland (see below, upper right), but have not been able to lure a wily Turducken yet.

I have notified the state about the egg discovery and sent the egg for DNA testing. I am told that because of the flood of Coronavirus testing, the lab probably won't report back to next spring -- perhaps by early April. You can read more about Wild Turduckens here.

Stay tuned!

(By the way, you can view my High Mountain Zoom talk here-- it's better quality than the Facebook Live version),


The U.K.'s Virtual Birdfair Starts Today

Birdfair Bond TalkThe Birdfair is the United Kingdom's largest birding event,  typically attracting thousands of visitors.

Billed as the "the world's largest fundraising fair," the event has raised roughly $5 million for a wide range of conservation projects worldwide.

Because of the pandemic, the event has gone virtual, and it runs today through Aug. 23.Birdfair logo

What's more, the organizers have made it free for birders all around the world to see all the events.

You can enter the virtual fair here

I am tickled to present a short talk about the real James Bond and Caribbean conservation on Friday. I will post a link to the talk then.

Like all the other 2020 Birdfair presentations,  my illustrated will be available for viewing until mid-November.

So check it out -- free of charge.

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For More Information

RealJamesBond_CVR(1)Following up on several things I mentioned in my Zoom talk for Bergen County Camera today (Saturday) ...  

You can order a signed copy of The Real James Bond here.

You can contact Matt Wozniak of Conserve Wildlife Foundation about contributing your N.J. wildlife photos to CWF's social media campaign at  matt.wozniak (at) 

You can read the interactive e-book I did about Bald Eagles for Duke Farms and Conserve Wildlife Foundation here.

You can see my Cuba photo e-book here.BIrd Police badge

You can see the e-book I did last year featuring my "Bird Watcher" columns for The Record here.

You can contact Katie Andersen about ordering a "BIrd Police" sticker or badge at birderkmandersen (at) 

(Thanks, Bergen County Camera!)

My Talk for Bergen Co. Camera

BCC Zoom talk 080820Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 7.11.12 AMDuring my presentation for Bergen County Camera last Saturday, I talked about taking photos at the Celery Farm, Mill Creek Marsh, DeKorte Park and other North Jersey nature spots. I also discussed the photos in my new book, The Real James Bond.

You can buy a signed copy of my book at Bergen County Camera in Westwood.

You can watch a replay of my talk here.

Other links I discussed during my talk are here.

My Column: Every Picture Tells a Story

Jim Wright Crow attacks duck IMG_0893
Four years ago, I wrote a "Bird Watcher" column for The Record about crows raiding Wood Duck nests at the Celery Farm.

I wasn't sure what was going on, but I did take a pretty cool photo (above).

My column today -- to coincide with my 9:30 a.m. Zoom talk for Bergen County Camera -  is what I've learned --(and still haven't learned) about ducks and crows since then.

I'll also talk about many of the photos I took for The Real James Bond.

You can read the column here:

Download Jiim Wright The Record BergenEdition_20200808_LF02_3

You can register for my talk here.