Tuesday: My Linnaean Society Talk
The Real James Bond at the AMNH

Thank You, Linnaean Society!

A big thank you to the Linnaean Society for hosting my talk about the real James Bond, a spy or two, and three birds he collected for the American Museum of Natural History.

The Linnaean Society recorded the talk -- which featured a discussion with BirdsCaribbean's Joseph Wunderle about West Indies conservation. You can click on the YouTube video of the talk above.

To order a signed copy of my book, The Real James Bond, email me here.

Proceeds from these sales will go to BirdsCaribbean in honor of the real James Bond.


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Thanks for all of this.

I do have more recent editions of "Birds of the West Indies" -- they came out after I submitted my manuscript.

Jim W

Dear Jim,
That was a masterful talk you gave to the Linnaean Society, with new material not in your book.
The hope that Bahama Nuthatch survives gets thinner every year. Hurricane Dorian leveled all available pine forest habitat. I contributed dozens of audio recordings of the species to Cornell that were used to further document species status a few months ago: Boesman, P. and N. J. Collar. 2020. Further vocal evidence for treating the Bahama Nuthatch Sitta (pusilla) insularis as a species. Bull. B.O.C. 140(4):393-403. It is sad listening to those recordings of begging chicks that will never have a chance of reproducing.

BTW: The photo you used in your book and the Zoom session that depicts field guides for the West Indies does not include the most complete field guide currently available: Kirwan, G. M., A. Levesque, M. Oberle, and C. J. Sharpe. 2019. Birds of the West Indies. Lynx Edicions, Barcelona.

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