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When James Bond Saw 'Dr. No'

Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 9.08.39 AM (1)The real James Bond always claimed that he did not like Ian Fleming's 007 novels, and even told the thriller writer so when they met in 1964. 

It turns out, however, that Bond and his wife Mary saw at least one 007 movie, "Dr. No," on a cruise on the S.S. Rotterdam in August 1963. 

In her diary, Mary Bond wrote (spoiler alert!): "Ian Fleming's 'Dr. No.' shown yesterday. We went at 3:30 and thoroughly enjoyed it, but too many girls, and they spoiled it by changing Dr. No's demise to a lot of modern mechanical nonsense..."

Mary Bond must have read the book, even if Bond claimed he didn't.

I wonder how Bond introduced himself onboard...

Footnote: Jim and Mary Bond met Fleming at Goldeneye less than six months later.




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