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Help Save the St. Vincent Parrot!

In case you hadn't heard, the La Soufriere Volcano eruptions on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent earlier this month threaten the existence of the St. Vincent Parrot, described by the real James Bond as "a gaudily plumaged parrot."

This bird needs our help. You can learn more from BirdsCaribbean here.

In his 1928 paper "On the Birds of Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, and Barbados, B. W. I.,"  for the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, Bond wrote that "there is still a good deal of illicit gunning going on on these islands, which, if not stopped, will ultimately result in the extermination of the parrots. St. Vincent is not a large island, with an area of only one hundred and thirty-three square miles, less than half that of Dominica, yet containing a population considerably greater. It would seem, therefore, that A. guildingi is in most danger of extinction."

Bond didn't mention the volcano, but I'm sure he'd still want you to help save this rare and beautiful parrot.

(Photo by Nandani Bridglal, courtesy of BirdsCaribbean.)


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