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Visiting 007 & Spyscape in NYC

IMG_3092 (2)                                            Photo by Ahmed Jasim, Spyscape

My wife Patty and I paid a visit yesterday to Spyscape -- the interactive shrine to espionage in Manhattan.

All I can say is "What fun!"

Sure, I was disappointed that there wasn't much avian intrigue, but if you like Enigma machines, a real Aston Martin DB5 from the 007 movies and all sorts of fascinating exhibits.... 

Not to mention a terrific and substantial presentation focusing on the 007 movies and how they were filmed.

Let's just say I was impressed.

The book shop was terrific as well, although it does need to add a biography of a certain ornithologist. (Hint.)

We wished we'd had more time -- we allowed a bit over an hour, and it wasn't nearly enough.

Unfortunately, our next assignment awaited.

Top row, left: Interior of the cinematic Aston Martin DB-5, complete with champagne chiller.

Top row, right: Lots of great video clips, including a few on special effects using miniatures.

Bottom row, left: The Aston Martin ejector-seat button. Don't leave your driveway without one.

Bottom row, right: The Bond exhibit is called 007xSPYSCAPE.

Spyscape's website is here.