The Real Bond, Fleming, & Fact Vs. Theory
'Birds of the West Indies' in New TV Ad

The Bird Podcast on 'The Real James Bond'

Check out this podcast and video I did with Shoba Narayan for the popular Bird Podcast. from India.

Here are some of the questions that Shoba asked:

  1. So who was the real James Bond?
  2. You have written about America’s most iconic bird: the bald eagle.  Tell us about these spectacular raptors.
  3. What attracts you to raptors? Which ones are especially interesting and why?
  4. Back to Bond…. In 1936, Bond wrote Birds of the West Indies.  Tell us about these birds that he discovered– like the the Bahama nuthatch.
  5. Why do ornithologists make good spies? “Birdwatcher is old intelligence slang for spy. . . .
  6. Who are some ornithologists who make good spies?
  7. Talk about James Bond’s legacy.
  8. Have you been to the West Indies? Which are some interesting birding locations you’ve visited and would recommend.

You can hear my answers here.

You can learn more about the Bird Podcast here.


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