My Big 'Real James Bond' Talk
'Birds of the West Indies' in Action!

The Amazing Mary Bond

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My biggest regret when writing The Real James Bond was not having room for a chapter on Mary Bond, who was a terrific writer in her right, the love of Bond's life, and the main reason I was able to write my book.

I'll be talking a bit about Mary for the first time during my talk for the Ridgewood Library next Tuesday, but I must caution you.

Some of her fiction involving a tall and handsome ornithologist was rated PG.

My talk on Jim (and Mary) Bond is next Tuesday (May 17) at 7 p.m.

As a bonus, I'll be giving away a miniature Aston-Martin DB5  a Real James Bond coffee mug, and a copy of the 1993 edition of Guide to the Birds of the West Indies, written by none other than the real James Bond. Copy of Jim Wright Author Event 51722 (Slide)(2)

As an additional bonus, I will give away a signed copy of The Real James Bond, and it'll be a copy signed by me in my best doctor's-prescription handwriting.

To be eligible for one of these prizes, all you have to do is pay attention during my lavishly illustrated talk. (If that's not asking too much.)

And, yes, copies of my book will be available for sale after the talk. I'd be more than happy to sign them with my top-secret stamp. I am told they make terrific Father's Day gifts for the entire family.

The talk is free and open to all.

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