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Today Is James Bond Day

How 007 Got His Name

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James Bond is in the news again (it never ends).

"Real" James Bonds sharing the name that Ian Fleming bestowed upon his fictional secret agent are the subject of a new documentary, “The Other Fellow.” 9-1 Bond opening door bond00003(1)

The feature-length film, directed and co-written by Matthew Bauer, recently made its Australian premiere at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival.

The sundry James Bonds who are profiled in the movie include a Swedish 007 super-fan, a gay New York theatre director, and an African-American accused of murder.

The documentary also includes segments on the real Bond.

But how did Fleming choose "James Bond" for the 007's name?

My article for James Bond Australia tells the whole story -- and skewers some baloney that has been dished out over the years.

You can read it here:


You can read my article on how 007 got his number (for Artistic License Renewed, the Literary James Bond magazine) here:


And you can read an interview I did with James Bond Australia in 2020 here:



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