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A Nifty Ornithology Story

The Academy of  Natural  Sciences in Philadelphia -- James Bond's home base for six decades, has a neat story about its Ornithology Department nowadays.

(Above, a tag from a Bee Hummingbird that Bond collected for science on the Isle of Pines (now called the Isle of Youth) in Cuba.

You can read it here:

Trick question: The Isle of Youth is the second-largest Cuban island. What is the largest?

See the answer below:






For the Bond Fan on Your Gift List

Screen Shot 2022-11-08 at 5.57.27 PM

I was doing some 007 surfing on the Internet yesterday and came across a webpage for Top Gift Ideas from James Bond fans.

My book is included on the list. I thought they described it quite nicely:

Hardcore Bond fans already have the original novel versions of their favorite films. And if they don’t, it’s easy to get these books online.

If you’re looking for a book that a true Bond fan will appreciate, try Jim Wright’s The Real James Bond: A True Story of Identity Theft, Avian Intrigue, and Ian Fleming.

It tells the story of the American ornithologist whose name was borrowed by Fleming to create Agent 007.

It’s a chronicle of the background, adventures, misadventures, and scientific expeditions of the real-life James Bond – a glimpse into Fleming’s creative process.

The link is here:

I kinda like the bird wallpaper in the background, too. It would make some nice gift wrap.

Also came across a couple of reviews of the book in Portuguese and Romanian, also very cool.